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Sniper Ghost Warrior Collection

Sniper: Ghost Warrior series, developed and published by City Interactive, is a collection of first-person tactical shooter video games. The games in this series are set in a variety of environments and after grabbing its Steam game keys, the player will take the role of several characters throughout the whole series to complete a wide range of different missions. Most of the gameplay involves stealth mode and sniper shots (as suggested by the title). The gameplay also features realistic ballistics i.e., the bullet trajectories are affected by factors like wind, distance, gravity, sniper type, and breathing. The player will have to take these factors under consideration before taking a shot. The game features so much more than that e.g., Sniper: Ghost Warrior 3 introduces an open world with a range of side missions and other activities called “war crimes”. Not only there is a wide variety of weapons but a player can also make use of a drone to scan, survey an area, detect his enemies, and hack their electronic weapons and equipment.

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