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Space Engineers Collection

Exoncore provides digital CD-keys for video games of almost all genres at affordable rates. The current collection serves to entertain gamers that are a huge fan of engineering games. Space Engineers is an open-world game that is set in space and on planets and focuses on creativity, exploration, and survival. It has successfully sold about 3.5 million copies in the year 2019. After getting your hands on its Steam game keys, you can build spaceships, space stations, wheeled vehicles, pilot ships, and civil or military planetary outposts. The game has a range of planets that are inspired by the Earth, Mars, Moon, Europa, Titan, and an alien planet. Travel through space and explore these planets. Collect resources to build whatever you want and survive against some challenges. A player can build, disassemble, damage, or destroy almost anything in this game. It also features both creative and survival modes and can be played in either single or multiplayer mode.

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