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Blood Bowl Collection

A collection of turn-based fantasy world football games that are developed as a parody of American Football. Blood Bowl video games are based on a board game that has the same name. These games are a blend of tactics, strategy, and insane violence but the basics are pretty simple. There are two teams (each consisting of 11 to 16 players but in the arena, only 11 players are allowed to join at one time) and one ball. To win the game, a team has to gain a high touchdown score and for a touchdown, players have to take the ball at the opponent’s End Zone. It is up to you to either throw and pass or beat the opponent team so badly that it becomes easier to score. Also, there are several races from which a player can build his team such as humans, elves, orcs, dwarfs, and many other fantasy creatures. So stop thinking! Grab the Blood Bowl collection CD- keys now and test your tactics and strategies in the bloodiest arenas on Steam.

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