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Car Mechanic Simulator Collection

A collection of simulation video games in one pack that represents the work of an auto mechanic. The CD-keys are available to own and run your personal auto repair shop on Steam. Do whatever an auto mechanic will do in real life. Deal with clients and get a list of issues with their vehicles. Unlike other games, these games have time-restricted ‘jobs’ to complete. Figure out the ways to repair cars. Purchase repair manuals and gain experience on different types of repairs. If you need new material or parts, simply order them. Once the repairs are done, take out the car for a test drive before returning it to the client. Earn cash through these repairs. You can earn more cash by purchasing old cars and selling them after fixes. The profit earned can be used to expand your service or enhance your skills. If you don’t need cash, keep the repaired old cars in your vintage collection. This game is all about using your skills in managing and running your auto repair business.

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