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Homeworld Collection

Homeworld collection includes the digital CD-keys of the Homeworld games and all their remastered collections to play on Steam. Homeworld is a well-known series of real-time strategy video games that are set in space. It is majorly known for its story, presentation, and gameplay and focuses on the combats between several types of starships. Another major aspect of this game is the three-dimensional movement. Engage in several combats and utilize movement in all three dimensions. In order to succeed, a player must always make sound tactical decisions in the combats, for example, the powerful Capital ship must be attacked at their most vulnerable points such as the side and the back otherwise if faced directly, it will be nothing but an extremely deadly weapon. You will also engage in building fleets of ships through production ships such as the Mothership. Protecting Mothership is also an important part of the gameplay because in some scenarios the destruction of Mothership will lead to mission failure.

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