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‘Imperator: Rome’ is a grand strategy wargame that is set between the periods AUC 450 and AUC 727 therefore includes the eras of Roman Empire establishment and Wars of the Diadochi. With its Steam game key, relive the traditions of the classical era while facing the challenges in building an empire. The characters in this game, having unique sets of skills and personalities, will control your nation and administer your provinces. Manage these characters. You’ll take care of the happiness of each population including citizens, tribesmen, freemen, and slaves because your success will rely on their satisfaction. Before a battle, you will choose your approach for facing your enemies then wage war using several unique available means. You will face hardships when treacherous governors or generals will rebel against you and migrating barbarians will take over your precious land. But you’ll have to take care of everything and keep on strengthening and developing your kingdom.

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